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Project Description

A project to create a client based application to interface with the new MSDN Forums platform.


At present this project is on hold while we explore an alternate NNTP Bridge solution that would allow users to use their existing NNTP client to read/post to forums using Forums Web service. Also note that the forums web service APIs have changed since the last release of this tool and hence the latest release would not work at present

I am glad to announce the release of July 08 CTP Refresh.


What are we doing here?

My team and I are undertaking an endeavour that has been highly requested for quite awhile. We will be creating a client side solution to work with the MSDN Forums. Several attempts have been made in the past to solve this problem with varying degrees of success. This time around we have the support of the forums team to make sure that a public API is available on the brand new forums platform.

That doesn't really tell me much about your project...

You can find the detailed initial scope document here. In the scope document you'll find some more details about what kinds of things we want to do (and a couple we don't), a sample user scenario, and some information about our team.

What do I get out of this?

Well, if you are a frequent user of any of our forums sites and wish you had an offline option this is an excellent opportunity for you to drive the requirements so we don't build the wrong tool. If you are a developer wanting to try out some cool technologies like WPF, WCF, or maybe even LINQ if we need it, this would be a great sample app for you to learn from and also contribute to.

Okay you've hooked me and I'm excited, how can I help?

There are a couple ways for you to contribute to the project.
  • Tell us what we're doing right or wrong. Feel free to give us your feedback using the Discussions tab and let us know if this would be an useful tool for you, or if you think we're heading in the complete wrong direction.
  • Tell us what you would do! If you have other great ideas on features that we should consider you can either create a discussion in the Discussions area, or create a work item in the Issue Tracker for people to vote on.
  • Put your code editor where your mouth is. Eventually we're going to have to actually write the code for this thing. When we get to that point we will have plenty of opportunities for you to contribute to the project in a tangible way and to help implement features.

-Jeremy Kelley
Program Manager

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